minneapolis_dwi_attorneyDriving while intoxicated is dangerous and a mistake you likely wish you hadn’t made. You now face charges that could result in losing your license or jail time, but that’s not all you should worry about. In fact, a DWI has many lasting consequences not related to your court date.

When you get a DWI, you’re facing administrative penalties, but you also face different kinds of penalties throughout your social environment. Even after you fulfill your obligations to the court, there are ways a DWI can affect you. Here are three to think about.

1. Your job or job search is hindered

Many employers hesitate to hire anyone with a black mark on his or her background check. A DWI can signal that a potential employee is not responsible. If the job involves driving, it would be irresponsible for the company to hire someone who had been stopped for drunk driving.

If you already have a job, your arrest and potential conviction could impact you. You may have to miss work for court dates, and you may struggle to get to work due to losing your vehicle. Depending on the type of job you have, your employment could be at risk if you’re convicted.

2. Your relationships suffer

In your personal life, you could suffer due to the DWI. Your family or friends may look down on you for making a bad decision, and coworkers and employers may perceive you differently than before. What some people don’t know is that a DWI can be published in the media, and it’s a matter of public record.

3. Your auto insurance rates jump

As a result of a DWI conviction, your insurance rates are likely to skyrocket. Additionally, as a high-risk driver, it may be difficult or impossible to get insurance. If insurance is offered to you, you should not be surprised if it’s two or three times more expensive than in the past.

These are just a few ways a DWI in Minneapolis can affect you. The best way forward is to avoid a conviction. Your attorney can help you fight the charges, so you’re impacted as little as possible.


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