Minnesota DUI AttorneyYes. It is worth getting a lawyer for a DUI in Minnesota. Of course, you expect that to be an answer from a private law firm practicing criminal defense. But, a DUI lawyer who knows the nuances of DUI laws can add a level of knowledge that you otherwise may not have. Further, being charged in criminal court with a DUI is only one half of the case. Challenging the driver’s license revocation associated with your DUI case is neither something public defenders do routinely, nor is it an easy task to figure out on your own.

Value is measured in the eye of the beholder. What may be valuable to one person, may not be to another. Determining whether to hire a lawyer is comparable to deciding whether to go to a doctor for certain health conditions. If you think you broke your leg, you are probably going to want to get it checked out. Healthcare professionals can do an x-ray and determine whether there is a break. From there, they can recommend the best way to treat it. Surely, you could search on YouTube how to determine whether your leg is broken; and, if so, how to make a homemade cast. Or, you save yourself the hassle and ease your mind by going to see a doctor.

Similarly, lawyers are professionals in their fields. They can assess your case and determine the best course of action. They can review the discovery the prosecution provides and decide whether there are any issues to challenge in your case prior to a trial taking place. These are often called motions to suppress and motions to dismiss. DWI cases are often litigated in the pre-trial stages. Knowing the ins-and-outs of the legalities of traffic stops, field sobriety testing, right to counsel, and testing issues can be crucial. Even if you are not successful in a pre-trial motion, you still have the constitutional right to have a trial by a judge or jury. Having a lawyer with trial experience who knows the rules of evidence and how to try a case will save you the headache from trying to figure it out on your own.

For those not looking to challenge their DUI case, there is still value in having a DUI lawyer on your side. After all, many people will admit they consumed alcohol prior to driving. They are willing to take responsibility for what happened. But, they do not want to be taken advantage of in their case. In these circumstances, there can still be legal issues to challenge in a person’s case. We once had a client with an alcohol concentration of more than three times the legal limit and his car was in the ditch. We discovered an issue in his case with the policies the officers were following at the time and were able to get his DUI charge reduced to careless driving. At first blush, the client definitely did not think there would be anything to challenge. Staying out of jail and minimizing the damage were key priorities for him. But, we still did our due diligence and reviewed his case to identify any legal issues.

In cases with no legal issues present, having a DWI lawyer review your case and tell you that can alleviate concerns in the future. Back to the broken leg scenario, if you go to the doctor and they tell you that you did not break your leg, then you are going to have some peace of mind that you may not otherwise have been able to achieve. Having a DUI lawyer on your side to answer your questions and be there to advocate for your best interests is tremendously valuable to people who find themselves in the criminal justice system.


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